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Do you ever think back to your pre-pandemic life and wonder, why did I keep it together?

What I mean is, why did we strive so hard to cover up or hide our struggles, pain, burnout, and trauma?

If anything, the pandemic gave us the shared global language and permission…

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I’ve forgiven plenty of people, but not everyone deserves that energy.

My baseline is that respect must be earned. Much like forgiveness. I’ve forgiven those close to me for genuine wrongdoings, but only because they apologised and changed their behaviour. These are people I love, who changed, who either made…

During a past therapy session, my therapist surprisingly noted a breakthrough. I had no clue what she was referring to as I felt a swirling mix of complicated emotions. Yet one of those emotions was anger.

As my therapist explained to me, my progression from sadness to anger was quite…

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We are about to round the corner on the one year anniversary of when lockdowns started worldwide, aka the week our old lives ended.

Fittingly for many, the day shit-finally-hit-the-fan and the pandemic became real was Friday the 13th, in March 2020. It was for me. My Timehop is almost…

Jess Thoms

Brand founder & strategist.

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