Why Tech Needs Writers

Better products, services, and companies.

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Writers transform the ordinary, everyday moments into art.

How do you hire writers?

Silicon Valley’s challenge is to successfully embrace and attract creative talent, including writers. Jonas Downey recently wrote about the vague specializations of design jobs in “The Unnecessary Fragmentation of Design Jobs” and how we can simplify Design with a capital D. Let’s also take this approach to the written word. Downey comments that design industry newcomers are unanimously confused with foggy job descriptions. Writers are also victim to these murky nuances. Companies know they need some form of written communication professional, whether it be a social media manager, content creator, or copywriter — but do they really know the difference? Somehow, we’re left with job titles like this.

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The skills you should be looking for.

Human-centric design is enhanced when writers and designers come together to learn and co-create through the power of language and design thinking. It’s important to find writers who think like designers.

Now, for the writers.

We can collectively make a profound impact on the way products and companies are designed and operated. From microcopy to culture design — I believe writers have a role in collaborating with designers to positively shape products and companies.

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